Is age 61 considered old? Well, how you perceive that age depends on how old you are now and how close you are to 61.

People 45 years of age and older consider 61 to be middle-aged. You know what that means? Age is all relative and 61 is the new 51. Even though being 61 indicates that you are on the cusp of senior citizenship and Social Security checks, it’s no longer viewed as old.

The Marist College Institute conducted a study based on people’s answer to the question “Is age 61 old?” More than two-third of the respondents over the age of 45 deemed 61 to be middle-aged, while 20 percent consider people aged 61 to be young. Only 13 percent of the survey participants though that someone who is 61 is old.

The subjects who were under the age of 45 shared the opinion that 61 is middle aged, with 56 percent of the respondents feeling that way. Only seven percent believe that 61 is young, while 37 percent view 61 as old.


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