According to a website, (therefore, it must be true??), today is "National Nude Day". Who knew? Well, now you do.

Accordiong to today is "National Nude Day". The website says the origins of the day are not really known other than they think the idea started in New Zealand as a way to beat the heat.

I took a shower today, so technically I guess I was celebrating "National Nude Day".

Now according to the website, bustle, there are a bunch of ways to celebrate the day without getting arrested.

Ummm, yeah, there are some ways to do it.  They suggest wearing one of those funny t-shirts that has a bikini on it, which I guess is fun, but it's not like you are naked, so are you really celebrating?  Maybe not, but at least you won't go to jail.

Now the 8th suggestion is a good one, but it's one you should ONLY DO AT HOME. They suggest that you catch up on email. You could do that naked, but again, ONLY DO THAT AT HOME.

Whatever you do to celebrate "National Nude Day", that's your business, but it is highly recommended that you do it at your own house, and please, please, please make sure the curtains are drawn and the shades are down!

If you do plan to celebrate, you can TELL us how in the "Comments" section below or on our Facebook page.  JUST DON'T SEND ANY PICTURES!