There is one thing we all have that we are usually very careful about showing to others. It is our past. In spite of our best efforts the past will somehow find it's way through the dust and cobwebs of time and rear its ugly head just about the time we are trying to something really important.

For entertainers there is always that moment when someone who knows them now realizes they knew them then. This is a case of such an entertainer.

This young man named Dan first learned his craft on the radio. This is where he developed his sense of timing and his love of making others laugh. He tried being exactly who he was on stage as a comedian and did alright I supposed.

His big break came when he finally unleashed one of the voices that lived between his ears and brought that character out into the light. That is when Dan Whitney became Larry the Cable Guy. Can you believe the guy in this video is the voice of Tow Mater from Cars movies?

This is the same guy that hangs out with Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall? That's him! If you watch the video clip there is a little NSFW language in it. It's nothing you won't hear on broadcast TV but we try to warn you ahead of time just in case the little ones are near the computer too.


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