There is no doubt that this will be a crazy year for Mardi Gras, but Louisiana folks always have a game plan to celebrate, well, just about anything. And the creativity and resistance are in full force in New Orleans ahead of this year's Mardi Gras season.

The Krewe of House Floats has really taken off, with hundreds of uniquely decorated residences and businesses around the Big Easy. Since no parades will be allowed, many have taken their elaborate float decorations to the streets of the city, for public viewing. There is even a detailed map so that you can view the amazing artwork in person, some done by professionals.

But the queen of the inaugural Mardi Gras house floats this year is Country Music Hall of Fame member Dolly Parton! tells us that there are (so far) a total of four houses in the metro New Orleans area that have Dolly as their theme and inspiration. We're not surprised, because we love Dolly too. But the 75-year-old icon did something very unexpected, and sweet, this week.

When Dolly found out that the Scriptura local gift shop  had decorated their business with a Dolly Parton theme, she sent over 70 lbs of memorabilia to the store to help them make their house float more authentic. She is so awesome! You can see the store at 5423 Magazine Street, and view all the other Dolly float houses on



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