I don't usually need to be reminded about what is inappropriate to give as Christmas gifts, but I was intrigued when Good Housekeeping came out with a list of things to NEVER give to someone. If they say it in caps, then I must take it seriously. My favorites are below. You've been warned, party people...

  • Exercise Gear - yes, it implies that they need it
  • Pets - a lifetime commitment surely takes a little more thought. Especially if you aren't the one having to take care of, oh, let's say....a lizard
  • Anything re-gifted - the fact that I received a gift with a tag inside saying that it was actually for the person who gave it to me, is enough of a reason not to ever do this.
  • Work Clothes - especially if you don't actually know what size they are
  • Cash - kids like it, but there's something so..... distasteful about just handing over dollar bills to an adult. It looks like you couldn't think of anything else, so you just reached into your wallet.
  • A knife - even if they are a fledgling chef, one big knife is kinda creepy. Go for the set, y'all
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater - horrible idea
  • Lingerie - if it's for anyone other than your significant other, it's just weird
  • Souvenir items - ok, your vacation was spectacular, but why rub it in to the person you are gifting? And it looks like you're cheap
  • Gift Card for specific spa services - do you really want a certificate for a wax? Maybe you do, but make sure the person you're giving it to isn't easily offended
  • Socks - even designer ones make you look like a cheapskate
  • VooDoo Doll - We know you might think this is hilarious, but even in Louisiana, this is creepy

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