I like to haggle, I think it adds an air of excitement to the buying process. It's fun to see if you can save a few dollars here or there and get a great deal on an item you want or need. Now if you're needing crack or other bad things the law frowns upon your negotiation skills should include the ability to spot an undercover sting operation. Please read on if you'd like to hear how this episode of "Let's Make a Deal' went down.

At around 2:30 a.m., Murphy’s friend, Benjamin Bonds, parked in Pinecrest Mobile Home Park on Racetrack Road. When an undercover deputy approached the Buick, Bonds asked him for $60 worth of crack cocaine

Well there you go ladies and gentleman, don't buy crack from undercover cops, actually don't buy crack you could end up like Charlie Sheen, no wait sorry bad example.

(via Man haggles to get pal best drug deal from undercover cop (MUGS) | deal, undercover, drug - Northwest Florida Daily News.)

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