Louisiana's Department of Transportation and Development is exploring the idea of letting private companies take over some of the backlog of work that our state's infrastructure really needs.

You're probably thinking, "great, what government official has a brother that owns a concrete company and a bulldozer". This isn't about the good ole boy network. It's actually a way of doing business on major projects in a state where money for those projects just isn't there.

You give us some ideas on what makes it work and what you would be interested in seeing and we take that information and we sift through it and determine what it is we can over, what it is we want to do.

DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson told the Louisiana Radio Network that investors have until March 31st to submit their proposals.

The hope is that some private firms will create plans to alleviate I-10 congestion, rebuild or repair major bridges, and just make the roadways safer for all motorist.

What would a company get in exchange for partnering with DOTD? They would receive long-term financial contributions from the state. With Louisina's current $13 billion backlog of transportation projects Wilson explains why looking to the private sector seems like a viable alternative.

I can go to the private sector and say are you interesting in investing in this project and delivering it today.

As opposed to waiting months, years, or even decades to get work started on projects that needed to be finished years ago.

Wilson suggested in his comments that work along I-10 and congestion in and around the Baton Rouge area might be a top priority. Although, there are certainly other projects across the state that could move quickly to the top of the list if the right idea and proposal was introduced.

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