If you've ever had to travel through Baton Rouge at any time other than the middle of the night you've probably noticed the traffic flow is often slow, very slow. One Louisiana State Senator has a plan for easing at least some of the traffic congestion and it shouldn't require creating more traffic  headaches with another bout of major road construction in the capital city.

Dale Erdey is a Senator for Livingston he has submitted a proposal to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development that would turn the shoulders along I-12 between Baton Rouge and Walker into travel lanes. This would effectively turn a six lane roadway into an eight lane roadway. Erdey explained his reasoning for submitting the proposal to the Louisiana Radio Network.

I'm just trying to get a more express way for our commuters to get back and forth from work and make them more productive for employers

The DOTD is expected to review the request over the next few weeks. However, before any changes can be made there will be a more extensive review process so at the earliest this change should it be approved would be several months away.

Nothing is concrete yet but we are hopeful we'll get a positive response from DOTD.

Erdey also suggested that the additional travel lanes would ease congestion caused by the amount of truck traffic that passes through Baton Rouge.


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