Friday, October 9th many areas of Lafayette received damage from Hurricane Delta. Now, as we face a potential wind event courtesy of Tropical Storm Zeta residents of one Lafayette neighborhood are wondering if the damage from Delta will be cleared before the winds and rains of Zeta arrive.

In particular, is this troubling scenario located inside Acadiana Place Subdivision. The picture above is of a downed streetlight. As you can see, it extends into the roadway. Fortunately, the area where this downed streetlight, with exposed wiring, is in a cul de sac. But still, the broken glass, the exposed wire, the large pole laying in the roadway has got to be a safety hazard if not a potential source of litigation for residents.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

The downed streetlight is located on Journey Lane. The area in question is District 2 according to the Lafayette Consolidated Government map. The council representative for residents in this area is Andy Naquin. Residents of the neighborhood reached out to us at the radio station for help in getting the problem rectified.

According to the residents we spoke to, they had submitted the damage report on October 10th via the Lafayette Consolidated Government website. We can not confirm that this report was made but it stands to reason, that somebody should have told somebody. Especially since crews have been in the area multiple times collecting debris from the storm.

Regardless, 17 days post-storm should have been enough time to at least remove the damaged streetlight from the roadway. It would probably be a good idea to cover up the exposed wiring too. You know Halloween is coming up and that's probably not what we want our children trick or treating around.

We are not casting aspersions against Councilman Naquin or LCG. We do understand that many parts of our city and parish sustained more significant damage than what you see displayed in this article. However, we feel this now a matter of public safety and that's why we're adding our voice to raise the concern.

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