Men dressed as women reading stories to children, you guys okay with that? Well, we better get okay with it because it's a thing. It's called "diversity" in our open and often confusing culture.

Basically, Drag Queen Story Hour is what you think it is. Think of the RuPaul show except for this time in front of children. All supported by the tax dollars that you and I pay to keep libraries open. Well, not Louisiana tax dollars, we don't have any money, but if we did I bet we'd fund this. Because it's diversity.

Let's get a few things out in the open. I love any activity that encourages kids to become fans of reading. I don't mind people dressed in any costume reading a story as long as they stick to the story and don't attempt to "force diversity" into the minds of the little ones. As a parent, I believe that's my job.

When I first heard about this story it was on Fox News reporter Todd Starnes radio broadcast. I wasn't that bothered by it until Starnes admitted that he had contacted a library in Brooklyn New York where Drag Queen Story Hour was being held. He asked them if they would allow a Christian Minister to come in and read stories to the kids based on the lessons of the Bible.

Notice the part about "based on" and not actually reading the Bible or pushing a Christian lifestyle on the tender young minds of the children in attendance. In this case, it would have been a story of good versus evil. But hell, who wants their kids to know about that! Sarcasm is a service of my brain I provide free of charge in case you're wondering.

Guess which group of diversity loving individuals said "No"?

The short version of this narrative would be this. I understand the need to understand all people. I don't think you can offer lessons in true diversity if your platform doesn't include all aspects of life. Even stories based on Christian faith. I do support reading for kids and reading to kids. I think many of the outfits worn in Drag Queen Story Hour are amazing and probably add a lot to the story being told. I don't like rompers on men. I don't like being told what "diversity" means by someone who isn't practicing what they are allegedly preaching.

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