A guy went to a Thai restaurant in Edgewater, Colorado this past weekend and did something that he won't soon forget, even though he really did forget.

You see his bill was $60 and he left $1,088 in cash to cover it. Yeah, he's either a really good tipper or he can't count.

The staff thought he was a really good tipper and proceeded to celebrate as they split the money. The restaurant has been around for five years, and the owner thought it was a reward for all their hard work.

Not so much.

The next day the guy he returned to the restaurant to get his money back. He said he was drunk and thought the $100 bills were actually $1 bills!

The owner did the right thing and gave him his money back. The patron did do something right in the situation as he gave her $100 to cover his $60 bill and a $40 tip. That's still a 67% tip.

Of course, that's not quite the 1,800% tip the staff thought they'd gotten.

They say they hope he's going to come back and keep being a customer of theirs.