Dulac, like many places in Southeast Louisiana, sadly caught more than their unfair share of Ida's wrath as it made landfall as a destructive Category 4 hurricane. Almost a month later, Dulac is still hurting and in serious need of help.

Dulac, La
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According to KATC, there are many people living in tents and living out of their vehicles in Dulac.

Many people are doing everything they can to stay as close to their homes as possible to clean and begin repairs as quickly as possible to prevent mold and salvage what little they have left.

Residents of Dulac are also staying close to home because, on top of everything they've been through, they are also having to deal with thieves.

Niloghan Johnson tells KATC's Katie Easter "We don't want to leave our homes because people are robbing us."

Holy Family Catholic Church has been helping the people of Dulac for the past few weeks and says more than 100 cars line up every day to get food and other things they need.

Priest Friar Antonio with Holy Family tells KATC "they just don't have anything at the moment and there is no real way to go back up the bayou to find it without burning up gas, which they need for their generators."

Washington Post Via YouTube
Washington Post Via YouTube


The people of Dulac are in desperate need of help, and there are a few different ways that you can lend a hand.

If you'd like to volunteer, make a donation, or even adopt a family, you are asked to call 231-620-1536.

Read more at KATC.com.


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