If you travel down Dulles Drive near Westgate Rd in Scott you will have to wait even longer to use to use that roadway as repairs to the damaged bridge is expected to take two to three months.

Lafayette Consolidated Government City Engineer Mitch Wyble said that after a thorough inspection, it was determined two panels of the concrete driving surface need to be replaced, one guardrail must be replaced and the other repaired, and repairs need to be done underneath the bridge.

These repairs are needed due to the incident on April 18 in which a crane truck went off the bridge and fell into a ditch.

Wyble said he's in the process of having a manufacturer build the concrete slabs and other parts needed to fix the bridge. The project is out for bids and he hopes to authorize the job by the end of next week.

"It's a one month process just on fabricating the material," Wyble said. He said it'll take 21 days for the concrete to cure, which helps it strengthen and resist cracking.

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