Who brings a shovel handle to an Easter egg hunt? Meet Florence Robinson, she is the kind of individual that would put herself ahead of public decorum and the innocence of every child that was attending an Easter egg hunt in Thibodaux.

Based on reports from the Thibodaux Police Department Robinson and her boyfriend, now former boyfriend, Junius Boyd had just ended their relationship. This decoupling occurred just a few hours before the Easter egg hunt in Peltier Park in Thibodaux was to begin.

Boyd was at the park with his child. Oh, he was also there with another woman. That woman was his wife. Obviously, Robinson, the girlfriend, didn't take kindly to the breakup nor the fact that Mr. Boyd was married. This is where the shovel handle comes into the picture.

Cpl. David Melancon with Thibodaux Police picks up the story from there.

So Mr. Boyd tries to get into his vehicle. He ends up making it into his vehicle to leave, and she ends up shattering his back windshield. He gets out of his vehicle, and she begins to hit him in his arm.

All of this in plain sight of Boyd's child who was sitting in the car at the time.

Wait, it gets worse.With his own child and a group of other children watching, Boyd exited the vehicle taking the shovel handle from Robinson. He then proceeded to beat her with it. You might think this would be a case of self-defense but Cpl Robinson explained why it probably wouldn't be considered that.

But what gives him the right to leave a secure vehicle, knowing that she’s holding a shovel handle, and then take it from her, and not take it and throw it away, he begins to beat her repeatedly. That right there speaks revenge, not necessarily defending yourself.

According to the Louisiana Radio Network, both Robinson and Boyd are facing charges. Robinson is charged with aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, criminal damage to property, and disturbing the peace. Boyd is charged with aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon.

Oh yeah, there is one more layer to this Easter madness. Boyd's wife was unaware of his relationship with Robinson. Our speculation is the Mr. Boyd will not have the best of Easter holidays.


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