I bet your first question is this, " You mean it's not already illegal to eat a dog or a cat in the United States"? That answer is no, it's not illegal but it very likely will be if the U.S. Congress passes legislation that seems to be the most bipartisan bill ever sent through the legislative branch.

The legislation has not been proposed because there is a sudden epidemic of domesticated pets popping up on the Guy Fieri show. It's more of a show of solidarity to the rest of the world that we, the United States, don't support the idea of eating what most of us consider to be family members.

There are only six states in the union that specifically forbid the eating of cats and dogs. Louisiana isn't one of those six. If passed the legislation proposes that the killing and eating of dogs or cats will be punished as a felony. That would or could include time in jail and fines.

So, if Congress passes this measure, and they are expected to do so, that will give us all at least one reason to feel good about the people that we sent to Washington D.C. to represent our beliefs. Who knows, this whole working together attitude among congressmen could catch on and maybe the country won't be caught in a downward spiral forever.


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