Eating popcorn in a movie theater is as common as fish swimming in a pond. The idea that popcorn could be costing theater owners money is hard to believe but it could be true. We are not about to suggest that cinema operators across the country are going to pull popcorn from the concessions menu. We are just alluding to the fact that maybe those commercials you see before the film aren't very effective.

The way advertising works is by getting you to remember the name of a company or product. What is the best way to remember anything? Repetition. The more often you hear or see an advertisement the more likely you are to connect with it. It is the way we as humans connect that causes the popcorn controversy.

Our minds do some crazy things when we aren't paying attention. Actually it is because we are paying attention that our minds do the crazy things. When your brain is exposed to an advertisement on a movie screen, your brain automatically goes through the process of repeating the name it has heard and subliminally moving the mouth in such a way as to mimic saying the word. The act of chewing takes that physical memory act out of play, thus rendering the advertisement not nearly as effective.

I personally don't care for commercials in the movie theater. Since I paid to get in I think I should get to determine the experience. If the movies were free then I would understand the need to supplement operating costs by selling advertisements.

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