Along a stretch of HWY 90 on the outskirts of Broussard and entering New Iberia there is a billboard that has a few motorists thinking it's for a whole other business.

U.S. Highway 90 (US 90) runs east-west through almost 300 miles of south Louisiana. When you're not fighting to keep your vehicle in between the lines due to the highway's deteriorating conditions, you might find yourself glancing at one of the many billboards that line each side of the roadway. There's one just outside of Broussard headed into New Iberia that has confused some people.

It's the billboard for Arceneux Ford. At a glance, one might think it's for the Evangeline Maid Bread Company out of Lafayette. Evangeline Maid bread is a staple on most dinner tables in the Acadiana area. Now even though the billboard is clearly not an advertisement for Evangeline Maid Bread, motorists concentrating on their driving and not so much on billboards, think it is.

Maybe the colors used on the Arceneaux Ford billboard has something to do with it as they do mimick the Evangeline Maid Bread billboard's colors. The same colors are also used on packaging for numerous Evangeline Maid products. But aside from the colors, anyone with a good set of eyes can clearly see the billboard is not to sell bread, but to sell cars, trucks and more.

A husband and wife who live in Iberia parish had a discussion recently about the Arceneaux Ford Billboard. The wife said to her husband, "did you see that Evangeline Maid Bread billboard along HWY 90?" The husband replied, 'Honey I pass through there 5 days a week and I have never seen a billboard for Evangeline Maid Bread." The wife swore up and down that there was indeed a billboard for Evangeline Maid Bread on the righthand side of Hwy 90 near the Chevron station heading into New Iberia from Lafayette. When the couple took a short drive, the wife realized her mistake.

Take a look for yourself and see if, at a glance, you might be confused as well.

Evangeline Maid Bread billboard in Lafayette

Evangeline Maid Bread
Facebook,Evangeline Maid Bread

Arceneaux Ford Billboard on HWY 90

Arceneaux Ford Billboard
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