Dating is such a confusing thing. Especially if you are older. You know you have expectations but you don’t realize that someone who meets all your expectations on paper, may actually send up some red flags on a date. A lot of times  peope will turn a blind eye to warning signs that might be staring them straight in the face. When you’ve dated someone for a while, you eventually learn what you can and can’t deal with, like laziness, humor, and the types of movies they like. Some red flags show their signs immediately. That doesn’t mean it’s a flat-out no if you see any of the signs, but you should certainly think about it a little harder. There are the obvious signs, like pressuring for physical attention or showing signs of anger, but we should all know the basics. I'm no psychiatrist, but in my opinion, I think these are things i would look for. Here are eight red flags to look for on your first date.

EIght Red Flags When On A First Date

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