One of the most iconic houses in all of the South is on the auction block and could be sold at auction to the highest bidder as soon as Thursday. The house? It's Graceland. The home of Elvis Presley and the site of nearly every Kellie Pickler Lifetime Movie made in the last ten years.

Mike Brown, Getty Images
Mike Brown, Getty Images

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee every year. It's on the top of just about every music fan's bucket list. Perhaps you've already toured the mansion and seen the infamous Jungle Room or maybe the swimming pool where it was alleged that Elvis is his "security team" used to shoot handguns at flashbulbs to watch them explode in the water.

The latest reports out of Memphis, this time from WREG Television suggest that Danielle Riley Keough, Elvis's Granddaughter, has filed for and received a temporary restraining order that would halt the planned auction of the home and surrounding acreage at the Shelby County Courthouse on Thursday.

Gavel and money on laptop keyboard. Close up.

The company that is filing for foreclosure, Naussany Investments and Private Lending LLC presented documents to the court that showed Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis's daughter and former owner of Graceland, borrowed some 3.8 million dollars and used the Memphis property as collateral.

Lisa Marie Presley
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for the GRAMMY Museum

The company claims that Lisa Marie never paid back the money. Keough, Lisa Marie's daughter, claimed in court that her mother never borrowed any money from the company. Keough's court filings claim the documents presented by Naussany Investments are fraudulent and the signatures on the documents are forgeries.

Meanwhile, if you still wanted to visit Graceland today, you could. At least the website for the popular attraction states the property will be open for "business as usual". I guess that will be the case until this case is either won, lost, tossed, or settled.

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