With reports of over 100 overdoses on synthetic marijuana in Baton Rouge area emergency rooms over the past few weeks, the Department of Health and Hospitals has taken emergency action. The DHH has effectively banned 8 new chemical compounds that have been used in the manufacture of synthetic marijuana.

Kathy Kliebert Secretary of DHH said,

"These people constantly come up with new compounds but the minute we hear about them and can ban those substances, the faster they can get them off the streets,"

Kliebert's comments were reported in a story filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. Just recently a large bust involving synthetic marijuana was made in St. Landry Parish. The product has become a major concern for health officials and law enforcement too.

Jim McGuane, Captain with Louisiana State Police suggested the manufacturers of synthetic marijuana keep finding new chemical compounds to get past bans that are already in place. It is this new compounds that have sent so many people to the emergency room.

Synthetic marijuana is sold under brand names such as MOJO, White Widow and King Kong. It is hoped the emergency ban on the 8 new compounds will curtail the sale and manufacture of these potentially deadly drugs.

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