Why is this so hard for our state's legislator to figure out? Maybe I don't understand. It seems to me that a person with the same experience, no matter what gender, who is doing the same job as another person and doing that job to the same standards as required by the employer should be compensated in an equal way.

If you live in Louisiana and you happen to be a woman you know that concept is not reality. State Senator J P Morrell of New Orleans seems to suggest in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that business have had enough time to figure this out.

Since the issue has not been addressed by businesses he believes it's time for the legislature to get involved. Not only for the employees benefit but the employers benefit as well.

If you have an employer who is made aware of the fact that two people are being paid unequally. They would then have the ability to just remediate the pay before the option of being sued is put on the table.

Morrell suggests in his comments that this legislation would be for the benefit of all people. However, women will be the most likely benefactors.

In the vast majority of cases it's women that are being paid unequally.But the whole idea behind equal pay is that everyone should be paid equally.

There are obviously concerns about the privacy and protection of personal pay information. Morrell understands there will be opposition to this legislation on that fact alone. But when you consider the fact that for every dollar a man in Louisiana earns a woman doing the same job earns just.30 cents, it's easy to see something isn't quite right.

If a single mother could have a thirty percent increase in her take home, just by being paid what her male co-worker is being paid.Think about how tremendously that could affect the lives of those children.

Similar legislation to this proposal was filed and failed last year in the state legislature.

I am speculating here but that just might ease the burden on many state programs. Which would, in turn, ease the state's budget crisis. It would also mean more tax dollars generated from better-paying jobs. Oh, what am I talking about? That's common sense and that theory doesn't seem to work anymore.


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