When it comes to equal pay in the workplace between women and men, a new report shows that Louisiana leads the nation when it comes to the gender pay gap.

According to stamfordadvocate.com, the average man in Louisiana earns $15,000 more than the average woman per year. To be precise, the amount is $15,238.

Compared to New York at $5,766 and California at $5,928, we've got a lot of work to do.

"In other words, women in Louisiana earn 70 cents for every dollar men in Louisiana make, or they spend 10.5 hours of each 35-hour work week “working for free,” as Expert Market’s research team puts it."

Below are 10 States with the biggest gender pay gap. You can read more about this over at stamfordadvocate.com.

1. Louisiana $15,238
2. Utah $15,077
3. Washington $13,808
4. South Dakota $13,382
5. Connecticut $13,229
6. West Virginia $12,801
7. Indiana $12,717
8. Montana $12,517
9. Oklahoma $12,055
10. Alabama $12,022


via stamfordadvocate.com
via stamfordadvocate.com

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