Sometimes real life is just like the commercials you see on TV. Chances are you've seen the Bud Light Beer commercial where a person condemned to the "Pit of Misery" escapes only to return with beer for his fellow captives. This was almost the case in Beaumont, Texas over the weekend.

Police in Jefferson County, Texas received a tip that inmates were attempting to smuggle contraband into the jail. So they set up a surveillance operation and they caught their man escaping and attempting to re-enter the lockup with a duffel bag loaded with contraband.

Jefferson County Deputies and United States Marshals observed a vehicle drive on to private land behind the prison and drop off a large duffel bag. Two hours after the drop an inmate from the facility was observed running across the field where he picked up the duffel bag.

It was at that time that Joshua Hansen of Dallas was arrested. In the bag, officials discovered three bottles of brandy, a bottle of whiskey, some tobacco, snacks, fruit, and home cooked food. Additional charges have been added to Hansen's original charges and more might be coming as the investigation continues.

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