By now we know that LSU is going to be moving in a different direction following the 2021 football season.

Coach Ed Orgeron has probably packed up his office and soon a new coach will move into LSU football operations.

So now the million-dollar question is, who will be the next head football coach of the LSU Tigers?

Well, several names have surfaced as likely candidates, but some just seem to make the most sense, while others don't.

For starters, throw Jimbo Fisher out. He's not coming to Baton Rouge, and I am fine with that.

But what about the coach in Oklahoma by the name of Lincoln Riley? He is an offensive mastermind and he seems to have evolved with the sport.

Sure, Oklahoma is going through some tough times, but the guy can coach. As a matter of fact, at one point I thought that he may be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He's that good.

ESPN analyst Tom Luginbill seems to think Riley will land in Baton Rouge. LSU has the money to pay him, and his days in Oklahoma are most likely done.

And honestly, this would be a great fit for both LSU and Lincoln Riley. We know that the athletes are in place at LSU, perhaps all that is missing in Riley's vision for the program.

I know that there are MANY football programs throughout the country looking for their next head coach, but if LSU calls you to have to answer---and I do think they call Lincoln Riley and he will answer.

Since the rumors of Riley going to LSU have floated to the surface, he has addressed them and he said what he should say, for now.


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