She might be a desperate housewife on TV and now she might be a desperate financier if things don't turn around quickly for Eva Longoria. It seems there has been a big of a "misunderstanding" that's Hollywood Legal Talk for somebody gonna get sued! That somebody is one of the lovely ladies of Wisteria Lane.

In a nutshell, Beso partner Mali Nachum states that Longoria contracted to invest $1 million of her own money into the restaurant-nightclub business in return for yearly interest payments of 8 percent and a 23.33 percent stake in the company, while Nachum and fellow investor Jonas Lawrence's owners' equity in Beso would reflect Longoria's heightened share.

Well hopefully all is well that will end well and the lawyers won't make too much money on this one but if you'd like to see how one of your favorite stars deals with money problems of their own, read futher.

(via Eva Longoria's "Exciting and Enterprising" New Year Hits First Snag - E! Online.)

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