I hope I didn't step on any copyright issues because there is a work out called Insanity. I have not done it but I hear it works your body out really hard and gets great results. I am more of the not so insane work out. Okay let me clarify I like my workouts to be crazy insane not sweaty insane. I think I found the perfect workout for someone who really likes dogs. It's "Exercising with Poodles" and it looks like fun.

Actually it looks like a set up for a really bad horror movie but that is just an opinion. What is even funnier is if you remember Susan Powter, the Stop The Insanity, lady of the 90's you might notice this video looks strikingly similar to her workout tapes. It's actually a parody of those tapes and not a real work out. I wouldn't go out and spend a lot of money on spandex poodle clothes unless you just really want to make your dog mad.