James Micioni, known as "Uncle Jimmy" passed away at the age of 97. As relatives were going through his house to settle his estate, they discovered his baseball card collection that is being called “one of the most incredible finds in the history of the hobby.”

Brobible.com reports that amongst 1,000s of insanely rare baseball cards found, Uncle Jimmy's collection even has an original Babe Ruth card from 1933. Actually, Uncle Jimmy had six Babe Ruth baseball cards...all signed by babe Ruth.

Just one of the Babe Ruth cards is expected to bring in around $100,000 at auction.

Also found in Uncle Jimmy's collection in New Jersey is a signed Lou Gehrig 1933 card, a signed Jimmie Foxx 1933 card, a 1969 Super Rookie Reggie Jackson card, and a Mint Jackie Robinson 1949 card.

Brobible.com reports experts are saying the collection of cards and memorabilia is in the most immaculate, pristine condition that has ever been seen.

Uncle Jimmy's family knew he was a serious collector but had little knowledge of the value of any of it. Imagine their shock when they realized what they had found?

Uncle Jimmy Collection
Courtesy of wheatlandauctionservices.com

"The Uncle Jimmy collection will be broken down and will be auctioned off as 2,000 separate lots. The first 650 lots go up for auction beginning June 14 as part of a four-week online auction hosted by Wheatland Auction Services."

Ready to start bidding on some of this once-in-a-lifetime sports memorabilia? "The Uncle Jimmy Collection" auction starts this Sunday (06/12/20) over at wheatlandauctionservices.com.

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