88-year-old David Kime, Jr. of West York, Pennsylvania got a tribute fit for a king on the way to his final resting place. He was such a big fan of fast food that after he passed away on January 20, the family decided to honor him with one last trip through the Burger King drive-thru.

Kime's daughter, Linda Phiel, and other mourners in the funeral procession went through the drive-thru of a local Burger King and each ordered Kime's favorite burger, a Whopper Jr., in his honor.

Phiel said of her late father, "He always lived by his own rules. His version of eating healthy was the lettuce on the Whopper Jr."

Phiel says she gave up trying to convince her father to change his diet.  She said, "When you're 88 years old, I guess you've earned the right to do what you want to do."

At the cemetery, Phiel placed a Whopper Jr. on top of the flowers that adorned the casket.

For one last time, Mr. Kime had it his way.

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