A family in Lafayette was injured Tuesday night after a firework exploded in someone's hand while he was attempting to set off fireworks from a balcony at a local motel.

According to KATC TV-3, three family members sustained injuries while setting off fireworks. The Lafayette Fire Department and Acadian Ambulance responded to the call and they determined that all three family members needed additional treatment at a local hospital.

KATC reports that an artillery shell exploded in the father's hand while he was lighting it, causing major injuries to both his hands and the five-year-old child standing nearby also sustained injuries.

Hand-held Firework Festival In Toyohashi
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Upon that, additional fireworks were ignited during this mishap and those fireworks, which were on the ground, shot the mother of the family. She sustained serious burns as a result of another artillery shell going off.

The Lafayette Fire Department wants to remind all of you that fireworks should always be ignited while they are on the ground and that you should NEVER hold fireworks in your hands.

We will keep this family in our thoughts as they recover from these serious injuries.


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