This Sunday has been set aside to honor the "old man". Whether you call him Dad, Daddy, Pops, or Poppa Father's Day is his day. For most families the Father's Day celebration will include a little pampering, some gifts, and maybe a nap.

The pampering might be as simple as breakfast in bed or a little piece and quiet while he watches his favorite sporting event. The nap, that will usually come right after breakfast in bed and during the sporting event, especially if it's golf. 

The gifts are usually articles of clothing, gadgets, tools, or just a very nice meal. All in all Americans are expected to spend about $14 billion honoring Dad this weekend. That amount of spending is up compared to the past few years. The spending is up because prices are up. That means consumers will be looking for a deal.

According to National Retail Federation spokesperson Ana Serafin-Smith,

No matter what sales or promotions consumers see out there, they’re going to definitely take advantage of Father’s Day and splurge on them and give Dad a gift that’s going to be a memorable one.

Serafin-Smith's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. She also suggested that it's not just Dad that will reap the benefits of his special day.

People are buying their brothers gifts if they’re also a dad or their godfather or their neighbor who might also be a dad, a nice little token just to thank them.

No matter who the gift is for, the spending is just two-thirds of what Americans spend for Mother's Day. Mom's Day spending was about $21 billion this past May.