I remember when Judge Wapner was the man in charge of The Peoples Court TV show. In just about every case the judge would ask either the plaintiff or the defendant to produce receipts to prove his or her claim. In the case of one Louisiana lawmaker those receipts could be his undoing.

Joe Harrison is a Republican representative who represents Louisiana voters that reside in and around Napoleonville. Joe must drive a lot. He turned in expense receipts for $25,700 for fuel he purchased while campaigning between 2010 and 2013. Those chargers were to be reimbursed by his campaign fund. During that same time frame he turned in mileage reimbursements for $24,900 from the House of Representatives. Many of those receipts were for the same amount purchased on the same day.

If that struck you as an odd coincidence it also sent up some red flags with the FBI. According to a story originally posted on NOLA.com. The Feds have subpoenaed records in relation to the case and are now looking into possible improprieties in campaign spending.

Mr. Harrison acknowledged that there was on ongoing investigation that was brought about by an erroneous news report. He did not elaborate as to what the error in the reporting by WVUE TV and the TImes Picayune/NOLA.com might be. He also mentioned in a telephone interview that he was considering hiring legal representation in the matter.

Incidentally when Mr. Harrison is not "working" on behalf of the taxpayers the profession listed on his official House of Representatives bio is financial planner. Let's hope he treats his professional clients with more respect than it appears he has been treating the people he was elected to represent.


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