It's the most wonderful time of the have things you've worked hard to buy stolen by lazy worthless thieves. One man decided enough is enough, and rigged up a fake package on his doorstep with a device that fires shotgun blanks when people try to steal it.

Jaireme Barrow from Tacoma, Washington, was sick and tired of people stealing the Jeep parts he's been ordering online. He came up with an idea to get revenge and caught it all on camera. reports he made his trap with "12-gauge shotgun blanks, fishing line, bricks, a wooden box-like, a small box, aluminium carrying vessel for the blanks, a small plate and a card-box box to create his masterpiece."

He even put a note on the box warning would-be-thieves "This Package Is Armed" but these worthless wastes of air attempted to steal it anyway, as you'll see in the video below.



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