It's about energy for the country and jobs for Acadiana. Fortunately the United States Department of Energy sees the benefits of both. The approval of the Sempra Energy plans to expand their Hackberry plant can now proceed. The Energy Department signed off on the expansion and export plans yesterday and construction is expected to begin very soon.

How big of an impact will the ability to export from  the Sempra Energy liquified natural gas plant be? According to United States Senator Mary Landrieu,

"Well, it's a 9 to 10 billion dollar investment.  It's 3,000 on-site construction jobs and maybe as many as 150 full-time jobs at Cameron."

Landrieu's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The plant expects to be able to produce 12 million metric tons of liquified natural gas for export. Corporate officials are anxious to get construction and completion of the project underway and according to Senator Landrieu they've been ready and waiting for the approval from the Federal Government to proceed.

"They have done some preliminary site work, of course.  But they're ready to go.  They're anxious.  Again, they realize this is a window of opportunity that's open now, but that window could close."

It is thought that construction should be completed by 2019 with the plant operating at full capacity shortly there after.


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