Mo Isom

Morlan "Mo" Isom is a former goalkeeper (2008-11) for the LSU Tigers soccer team. She was also crowned LSU's homecoming queen last fall, the first student-athlete to garner those honors.

Now she wants to be the first female to play football for the Tigers.

Isom went through a walk-on tryout earlier this week with other prospective kickers. Don't think she's not set on making the team.

"People's first presumption about this is that it's a media stunt or some attempt for attention and glory," Isom said. "That couldn't be any farther from the truth. I feel it was a goal God placed in my heart. It's just something I want to do."

Now it was very windy on Tuesday when she tried out so the tryout didn't go as well as Isom had hoped.

"But I had some great kickoffs between the 5-yard line and the goal line," she said. Isom will get another chance Thursday as the walk-on tryouts continue.

"This was really a bad day for anybody to kick because the wind was just so strong," LSU coach Les Miles said. "But obviously she's got ball skills. She's been around it."

If "Mo" Isom does make the team, she would have one year of eligibility remaining, as per NCAA rules.

If she makes the team, Isom will become the first female kicker at a major college since 2003 when Katie Hinda kicked two extra points for New Mexico against Texas State. Hinda was the first female to score in a college game.

Go get 'em Mo!