If you voted for President Biden, Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition does not, and will not, sell you anything they have that you want to buy.

Michigan-based ammunition manufacturer Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition has decided to "fire back" in response to President Joe Biden's promise to enact new legislation aimed to prohibit "all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts" according to lawofficer.com.

Is this just a publicity stunt or is Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition serious about not doing business with anyone who voted for President Bidden?

As Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition says very plainly in the Tweet below, "Yes, we are serious".


"First question - are we serious? Yes, we are serious. Joe Biden ran on a campaign built on the most radical gun control platform a major party candidate has ever had, including banning the online sale of ammunition. Essentially, a plan to bankrupt our company."

For a company who's business is the on-line sale of ammunition, obviously President Biden's legislation poses a serious threat.

Just how will Fenix "Kulak" Ammunition know who voted for President Biden and who didn't?

Well, when you log on to fenixammo.com, the very first thing you see is a questionnaire asking "Did you vote for Joe Bidden?".



Answer "No" and you can enter the site and shop around.

Answer "Yes" and are immediately redirected to a page at joebiden.com outlining the Biden/Harris administration's "Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic".


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