Remember back when the New Orleans Saints won the NFC Championship and were headed to the Super Bowl for the first time? Yeah, of course you do. But do you also remember the HUGE controversy that came about when the NFL tried to ban everyone in the state of Louisiana from using 'WHO DAT' on merchandise without their permission? Basically saying that the NFL owned 'WHO DAT' - yeah, right. Not according to Wikipedia, friends.

Well, the fight over who, if anyone, actually owns 'WHO DAT' is back in a Federal Court in New Orleans. Two new lawsuits were filed on Sept 27 by a company called 'Who Dat? Inc. to prevent vendors, including It's All About Me of New Orleans, Everything New Orleans and Mardi Gras Gift Shop from selling 'Who Dat' merchandise. An Oct. 2 suit was also filed against Blue World, another French Quarter store from selling 'Who Dat' merchandise. Really? If I remember  correctly, Senator David Vitter, Congressman Charlie Melancon, and even Coach Sean Payton weighed in by saying that nobody owns 'WHO DAT' except for the Who DAT Nation!

Well, we'll see if this holds up in court, but in the meantime, I'll be wearing my own 'WHO DAT' shirt this Sunday to cheer the Saints on! Read more about the controversy from