We human beings are funny funny animals. Last winter we were all whining about how cold it was and how much we couldn't wait for the summer sun. Now that we've been in the throws of four months of high humidity, heat indices, and sweating in improper places we're whining for the cooler weather. Well we can stop the crying because it will finally begin to feel like fall in South Louisiana this weekend.

According to State Climatologist Barry Keim today will offer a brief glimpse of the great weather we can expect over the next few days.

The highs today are only going to be in the mid 80s which doesn't sound like a big drop. But the humidity is going to be dramatically reduced and it's going to feel so much better.

Keim made his prognostication to the Louisiana Radio Network and he says this first real taste of fall is courtesy of a cold front that passed through the area yesterday.  In fact Friday morning many of you might be searching for a light jacket or sweater to wear to work or school. The temperature on Friday morning could be in the upper 50's, that's nearly a 25 degree difference in morning temperatures we were experiencing just two weeks ago.

The big question that many of you may be asking, " Are we done with the heat"? Keim says,

We're going to start seeing longer runs of these cooler days and shorter runs of that hot summery weather. The next 5-7 days are going to be absolutely fantastic.

That is good enough for me. Let's enjoy the not too hot and not too cold while we can because pretty soon we will be missing our heat and humidity after a few months of cold and damp.


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