A few weeks back we made a rather bold prediction that this weekend would be the weekend that all of us would be breathing a collective and cooler sigh of relief from the heat and humidity of a South Louisiana summer. We based that prediction on history, some long-range weather models, and of course, the Old Farmer's Almanac.

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Well, checking with our friends who actually studied weather in school, it doesn't look as if we will be getting our wish for fall weather this weekend but, the cooler temperatures so many of you have been wanting to add to your pumpkin spiced latte isn't that far away.

Just so we will all be on the same page when we talk about "fall weather" here is how I am defining that. I define fall weather like this. A morning low temperature that is 60 degrees or below. And an afternoon high temperature that does not get above 80 degrees. So, we're not talking cold enough for those ugly ass Ugg Boots and not warm enough to really need the air conditioner when you're riding in the car.

It does look as if we could start to experience the beginnings of what we'll call fall weather by late next week. But the cooler temperatures will likely be because of rainfall. In fact, the weather will be making headlines across the country next week as a big storm system kicks off a lot of tornadoes across the Great Plains and Midwest. We might even see some strong storms in Louisiana by next Thursday or Friday.

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However, that storm system won't usher in the cooler weather, there will be another system behind that front that pushes across the area a week from Saturday. That's the system that will cool us down. But it won't chill us out. High temperatures for the week beginning October 17th will not make it into the 80s. The overnight low temperatures will be right around 60 degrees as well.

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That means you won't really want to pull the gumbo pots out next week but the following week, yeah, that's when they will come in really handy.

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