When I was a young lad attending grade school I remember being taught the basics of how to manage money. I don't know if it was part of a mandated curriculum in the fabulously under achieving Mississippi public schools or if it was just teachers and school administrators understanding what children really needed to know.

Here is a sad truth about a lot of young people today. The concept of budgeting and money management and even saving is not a part of their mindset. These basic tenants of financial and fiscal responsibility are not being taught in school or at home.  The Louisiana Legislature is looking to at least get the idea of financial management in our schools. I think that is a good thing.

It doesn’t have to be a course you would get credit for or anything. It could be incorporated within the year, and that’s the whole idea.

Those are the comments of Gene Reynolds who authored legislation that was passed by the House Education Committee. Representative Reynolds told the Louisiana Radio Network that his proposal is not mandating financial literacy. He is just hoping to teach young people how to protect their hard earned money.

A lot of schools have incorporated on their own financial literacy within courses and as special projects.

This legislation would take that financial education by choice out of the mix and make sure that all Louisiana students have the chance to be exposed to the basic understanding that comes with money management.  The bill will now move on to the full House for further debate.