The travel industry has virtually come to a screeching halt during the coronavirus pandemic, but now, slowly but surely, things are gearing up for a return to normal. Many airports around the United States (and the world) are adding up to date information on their websites on reopening policies, and how they will be handling the rapidly changing situation. They will be telling travelers about cleaning procedures for terminals, social distancing guides, and where to find hand sanitizing stations, or where to safely wash your hands while you are waiting for your flight.

You might have had travel plans cancelled, or were hoping to take a summer vacation, but are not sure of what the policies are for your particular destination. Trip Advisor has a comprehensive guide to Covid-19 Airport Policies and Procedures, and it includes international and domestic flights, and information about cities you might be flying out of/in to, including Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

Some of the info from Louis Armstrong International includes:



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