Fireworks are synonymous with Walt Disney World. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of visitors have been awed by Disney fireworks since the park's inception back in the 1970s. However, over the weekend, things got a little too hot, even by Disney standards.

According to a statement from Disney, this incident happened on Friday night. The fire broke out on a fireworks launch platform as the "Harmonious" show was underway. Fortunately for those in the park and those working the launch platform, there was not much escalation.

This could be a sign of a troubling trend with the "Harmonious" show at Disney's EPCOT. You might recall there was a fire reported near EPCOT's World Showcase, near the American Pavilion about a month or so ago.

In that blaze, the fire appeared to have started near one of the buildings of the American or Italian Pavillion. However, the damage was minimal and Disney crews were able to get that blaze under control and extinguished in fairly short order.

2019 Epcot International Festival Of The Arts
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Harmonious has only been a part of the Disney Parks celebration since 2021. The new fireworks show was added to EPCOT's daily lineup of featured activities in September of 2021. It was added as part of Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Walt Disney World complex in Florida.

Here's what it looks like when things go the way they are supposed to go.

By the way, in each fire both the one this weekend and the one from earlier, no injuries were reported and Disney staff had the situation well in hand in a short amount of time.

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