We are starting off 2017 with a spectacular meteor shower in the western hemisphere, and it's scheduled for tonight, Tuesday January 3 into Wednesday, January 4.

The 'Quadrantids' is supposed to have at least 120 meteors rushing through the sky an hour, according to Space.com, and will be more visible because the moon isn't full and won't outshine the meteors. Even if you are viewing this starry event at an off hour, you can still expect to see about 25 meteors an hour. Wow! And by the way, shooting stars are actually pieces of comets that have exploded. Who knew?!

Most meteor showers last around six hours, and if you want a starting point on where to look, locate the star Arcturus, which is near the Big Dipper. Find out what time is best for viewing in your area here.

As we shine into 2017 with this awesome astrological event, check out more info on spectacular sky occurrences coming up, and how to watch tonight's show in the video below.



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