It's nearly October so you know what that means -- pumpkin-spiced everything!

Personally, I don't quite get it. I never had a hankering for a big piece of pumpkin on a cool fall afternoon, but evidently if you put the flavoring in things people go nuts.

A website jumped on the trend and decided to come up with the best and worst pumpkin-flavored products. There is no real rationale for the rankings other than the author's personal taste, but hey, it still works.

Their favorite pumpkin product is pumpkin ice cream of all things. Apparently it's a classic that has been around for decades. After that, he likes pumpkin Cinnabons, pumpkin Mini-Wheats, pumpkin-flavored coffee, and pumpkin Jell-O.

The pick for their worst pumpkin product is Pumpkin Hershey's Kisses. Yep, you just don't mess with a classic.

According to the critic, "Eating Kisses is like telling society, 'I've given up on buying actual candy and I'm settling for these gnome turds of tastelessness.'"

The rest of the bottom five are pumpkin M&M's, pumpkin spice Candy Corn, pumpkin Oreos, and pumpkin Marshmallow Peeps.

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