We all have our favorite pie. This time of year the hands down winner in the court of public opinion is pumpkin  pie. It's smooth creamy texture and oh so fall like spice make it the perfect  holiday pie.

The only problem with pumpkin pie the consumption of too much of it can tend to make ones backside look strikingly similar to the gourd in question. Nobody wants to be called pumpkin butt.

Still we want the great flavor and goodness associated with this fall favorite. Enter Chef Jill McCoy and our Foodie Friday  challenge for today. How can I enjoy pumpkin pie and avoid pumpkin butt? By the way if you've never seen Chef Jill there is no part of her physical being that resembles pumpkins, squash, or even mirliton.

As usual Chef Jill goes beyond healthy with this recipe. What's good about her slant on healthy cooking is that she will not sacrifice flavor. This smoothie has everything you'd want in a slice of pumpkin pie except the calories.

Pumpkin puree is easy to make. If you've got a blender you can handle that. The rest of the ingredients combine nicely and the texture of this smoothie trips delightfully over the tongue.

I don't  particularly care for pumpkin pie but I could drink one of these smoothies almost everyday. It's very refreshing and filling in a good way. Not like a half pie might leave you wallowing on the couch for the afternoon.  I know pumpkin is loaded with nutrients we need to be healthy and if you're a runner or like to work out this might be your next new favorite energy drink for after a workout.

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