As we are getting closer and closer to Fat Tuesday, it's impossible not to feel a little anxious about all the fun we Louisianians are missing during Mardi Gras season. I'm trying to keep my carnival vibe going by eating lots of King Cake, decorating my house and porch, and occasionally throwing beads just so I won't forget what it's like. (haha)

And in the city that prides itself on its over-the-top Mardi Gras celebrations, it's been a tough year for those who love the glitz and glitter. And even as New Orleans plans to shut down bars, go cups, and almost all of the French Quarter heading into Mardi Gras weekend, there is still a spirit of the season that remains alive for citizens and tourists alike.

The popular "Floats in the Oaks" event that has made its home at City Park has been such a success that tickets are completely sold out for the entire run. It was supposed to take the place of parades that Mardi Gras starved locals and tourists are missing due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can drive through the park and view over 40 spectacular floats from 28 of the most famous krewes in the Big Easy, and tickets must be purchased in advance. It's been so successful that officials are thinking they might extend some dates that they had reserved as "rain dates", which are Lundi Gras, Monday, February 15th, and Mardi Gras Day, which is Tuesday, February 16th.

The event was supposed to wrap up on Sunday, February 14th, but spokesperson Amanda Frentz told “Once we see what the weather brings, we may offer those days to the public." If you want to keep up with the possible extended dates, check the City Park website for updates. And FYI, I went to "Floats in the Oaks" this weekend, and it was spectacular! Tickets are $10 a car for daytime and $20 a car for night tours.


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