Have you ever wondered how people get the chance to be in music videos? Well, in this case, it's as simple as having the right look at the right time.  The guys in Florida Georgia Line are in need of some body doubles. Well, not present day body doubles. They are looking for people that look like they used to look like.

Here's the deal. When FGL had their first monster smash Cruise, they had a certain look. They are looking for individuals who look like they used to look for an upcoming video project. By the way that's the way the boys looked once upon a time at the top of this page.

Granted, the change in appearance over five years isn't that huge, it is obviously huge enough for the Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard to use as a musical punctuation mark for their next video project.

We'd have to speculate that the new video might be a retrospective look at what once was. So if you have the look of FGL from 2012 all you need to do is fill out this form and submit a photo. 


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