Is there really such a thing as a good break up? Someone is either mad or sad. There is no in between. Something that is always included in the break up process is music. Of course country music is probably the ideal genre for this. There will always be country songs about drinking, being lonely, being left, or being really mad.

Whether you want revenge out of anger or you just need help getting by, that one song will always resonate in you the feelings and emotions you hold deep down. Whether it make you cry or make you want to grab all of your ex's clothes and burn them, music will always be there.

Here are my top 5 favorite break up songs:

1. Jo Dee Messina -'Bye Bye'

2. Mickey Guyton - 'Better Than You Left Me'

3. Aaron Tippin - 'Kiss This'

4. Cole Swindell - 'Ain't Worth The Whiskey'

5. Carrie Underwood - 'Before He Cheats'


Isn't music awesome? We have all been through a break up. It's nasty, hurts, and feels like the worst pain imaginable. The beauty in music is that if you need to feel happy, even just for a minute, music can do that.

Love you Dawgs!

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