We've all been there. A glitter project for a little one goes awry, dressing up with a 'touch' of glitter makeup turns into a TON of glitter on your face, or maybe just rubbing up against someone who has a lot of sparkles on them. (This happens to me at Mardi Gras all the time!) The outcome is always the same - how do I get this glitter out?!!

Lifehacker.com has some great suggestions, and ones that I wish I would have had handy earlier in life. Pay attention class, this could save your sanity in the future!

  • Play Dough - I think this is genius! If it's on a hard surface, roll play dough on the glitter to pick up the specks. And bonus, you now have glitter dough!
  • A Balloon - blow up a balloon, rub it gently against the carpet, and hover over the glitter to pick it up.
  • Lint Roller - if you don't have one, just wrap some masking tape around a brush
  • Swiffer - dry sweep the glitter, and voila!
  • Hairspray - if glitter is stuck on a washable fabric, spray the area, let it dry completely, and then toss it in the washing machine. But make sure no other clothes are in there, of course.
  • Coconut Oil - if glitter is stuck on skin, coconut oil on a cotton ball should remove it easily.


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