Mention the Ed Sullivan Theater to someone and you can immediately tell how old they are by how they respond. If they say, Oh that's where David Letterman tapes his show they are under 50. If they say, I used to watch the Ed Sullivan Show with my Mom and Dad chances are they are nearing retirement. The Ed Sullivan Show for you youngsters was our generation's American Idol.

Except the talent wasn't rank amateurs. The talent was the best known names in entertainment. There was Elvis, The Beatles and more, the Ed Sullivan show had them all. Including some rather unique international and circus acts.

To say some of the acts on the Sullivan show were unique would be a misnomer indeed. This is one of those acts. Who knew you could juggle a table with your feet. Who knew anyone would ever think to juggle tables with their feet? Obviously these two lovely ladies not only thought about foot juggling, they mastered it. Enjoy.

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