This is not what you want to read right now. Trust me, if ignoring unpleasant possibilities would make them go away I could personally assure you that you'd never hear of the Kardashians again but alas, this is the reality.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are keeping a very close eye on tropical forecast models for potential tropical development in the Bay of Campeche. That's basically the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.

Forecasters believe there is a slight risk that tropical formation could occur in that region over the next five days. Just to be clear, this is a long range outlook and is subject to inaccuracies.

The five-day tropical outlook from the Hurricane Center currently gives that area of the Gulf a less than 20% probability of tropical development over the next five days. However, several forecast models do pick up a low-pressure system in or near that part of the Bay of Campeche around the same time frame.

Our advice at this time is to check back with us often and especially over the long Labor Day weekend. We will report to you what forecasters are finding and should you need to make preparations to protect life and property you will have the most advance warning available.


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